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Campus Stellae
Campus Stellae

Campus Stellae

Campus Stellae

Continuing Education & Course Online.

Executive Course for Adults & Professionals.


Bircham International University

Campus Stellae - Executive Course


Campus Stellae is an initiative by Bircham International University. It merges the best of distance higher education and the best that classroom teaching, in the form of executive courses and company training. More info...


Continuing Education Online via distance learning


The best Distance Learning University alternative to campus-based higher education.
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Campus Stellae’s training formula allows the integration of numerous and different company training initiatives. Seminars, taught by different professionals, may be complemented with selected reading, thus allowing students and/or employees to obtain, in addition to skill training, the corresponding academic credits, and BIU’s academic recognition, through a professional certification, or even a Specialist Diploma, if at least 5 executive courses are completed.

Students that complete a minimum of 5 executive courses with Campus Stellae, will be eligible to opt, automatically, and without any additional cost, to the corresponding Specialist Diploma issued by Bircham International University. Students that complete a minimum of 7 executive courses Campus Stellae, will be eligible to opt, automatically, and without additional cost, to the corresponding Expert Diploma issued by Bircham International University. To validate the courses with a Diploma, students must present the certificates granted for each completed executive course, together with the corresponding Application for Admission Form, which may be downloaded from BIU’s web. The diploma specialization that may correspond to the completed set of executive courses will be determined by BIU.

Instructors suitable of teaching Campus Stellae’s executive courses, must be integrated in Bircham International University’s academic network, in order for their evaluations to be accepted and transformed into credits and certificates. The theoretical and practical evaluation of each executive course is the responsibility of each authorized teacher (and/or affiliated school). BIU only accepts instructors with a proven professional experience combined with a solid education/academic background.

Campus Stellae’s executive courses offer practical, complete and effective training, on very different subjects. Each executive course is structured throughout 45 hours of study, of which, 12 hours correspond to direct interaction between the instructor and student. These 45 hours correspond to 3 academic credits, recognised by Bircham International University, that may be applicable to different degree programs offered by BIU, always subject to fulfilling admission and academic requirements for each degree program. Any credit recognition will be determined through BIU’s usual admission process, or to that of its affiliated schools.

Each executive course completed will generate 3 academic credits issued by Bircham International University, according to the following hours of study breakdown: 4 sessions of 4 hours each dedicated to the theoretical knowledge for case resolution (via distance learning) + 4 sessions of 3 hours each of instructor’s interaction focusing on case studies and problem solving (classroom teaching) + 16 hours of complementary reading to substantiate any background knowledge required for the course (via distance learning) + 1 hour of student evaluation = 45 hours of study = 3 BIU academic credits.

The 12 classroom teaching hours from each executive course may range from a maximum of 4 sessions of 3 hours each to a minimum of 2 sessions of 6 hours each. Thus, the total hours of classroom teaching can be structured along a weekend, or extended during a month (4 weeks). Each instructor may decide the best way to structure the executive course, as long as these parameters are preserved.

The 33 distance learning hours are distributed in the following way: 4 hours of theoretical knowledge, prior to each interactive session of 3 hours (classes), should be dedicated to the study of the readings provided as base material for the executive course, totaling 16 hours (material included in the cost). The other 16 hours correspond to complementary reading that will provide the necessary background knowledge required to meet the course learning outcomes. This background material will be suggested by each instructor, prior to the beginning of each executive course (material not included in the cost). It will be the student’s responsibility to acquire and study this background material, according to his/her needs and the executive course prerequisites. The remaining hour, which completes the total of 33 hours, will be dedicated to the student’s evaluation, and the assessment of the executive course learning outcomes achievement. More info...


A good instructor’s added value does not consist in repeating what books already explain well, but in transmitting, effectively, their professional experience and criteria in problem solving and decision making. Campus Stellae’s executive courses propose that students learn theory through distance learning, and master critical thinking and problem solving through interaction with the instructor. This formula, in order to be effective, requires that the instructors hold, not only have an excellent academic background on the subject, but to also have a proven professional career. More info...


A distance learning university makes studying & working easy and compatible.
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Company Training Online via distance learning


Campus Stellae - Executive Course


COSTS: 480 US$ (400 Euros)


COSTS: 480 US$ (400 Euros)
The cost of each executive course is established globally by Bircham International University. This cost includes the following: instructor, interactive platform (class or technology), material and course content, Bircham International University’s Certificate of completion, and administrative expenses. The affiliate school or instructor may propose price reduction or scholarships in special cases, to be deducted from their own budget. The executive course’s cost must be paid three weeks prior to the beginning of the course. No refunds will be allowed once the classes have started. In case of course cancellation, the course’s full fees will be refunded.


The instructor decides the evaluation method to be used in each executive course, and for the students. In any case, BIU’s International Assessment Form (I.A. Form) must be provided, as documentary evidence, specifying the grade achieved, according to Bircham International University’s grading system, and certifying that the course learning outcomes have been achieved. This form must be signed by the instructor and/or affiliate school’s director. BIU accepts the following evaluation tools for the executive courses:

REPORT: Evaluation by means of a report, 10 to 15 pages in length, for each executive course and student. Students may use the advise from the BIU’s study guide on how to structure their work and other helpful tips. In this case, the students should adapt the instructions provided to the 10 to 15 pages length hereby prescribed.

PROJECT: Several students, under the instructor’s supervision, and authorization, may join efforts to elaborate a more extensive Project, e.g. a business plan. Each student’s input to the joint Project should be no less than 10 pages long, therefore, a Project 50 pages long, may be acceptable to evaluate a maximum of 5 students, but not more.

ORAL EXPOSITION: The instructor may use the student’s participation, throughout the interaction, class hours and/or additional tutorials, to evaluate the executive course outcomes. The student must make a final presentation allowing for an adequate evaluation, according to BIU’s parameters: content, critical thinking, and structure (format), which, in this case, also considers attendance, punctuality and participation by the student.

The executive course is based on the study of three types of material:

Theoretical training:
The instructor will provide the texts, articles, notes, or the necessary material for learning the theoretical base of the executive course, before the course begins. This material is included in the course’s fee.
The student must study this material before coming to class, in order to have the necessary theoretical base for a/the maximum academical benefit/use of case analysis, and interaction with a trained professional, the instructor.

Case study:
The instructor may provide each student with the cases that correspond to each class of the executive course, prior or during class, according to his/her pedagogical criterion. Over 50% of the class must be dedicated to case analysis. A prior revisión of the theory, may be necessary before case study, if the instructor so decides. This material is included in the course’s fee.

Complementary reading:
The instructor, or Bircham International University, may provide information on complementary reading, for those students who choose to delve deeper into the subject, or for those who need a revisión of prior necessary knowledge, in order to extract the máximum benefit from the executive course. Complementary reading is not included in the course’s fee.


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Campus Stellae - Executive Course